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Bringing colour and pleasure to Ecclesfield Village


We still have a couple of planters available for sponsorship. If you would like to help fund our work, just ask one of our members or email us on .

  We thank the following 2014 contributors to Ecclesfield in Bloom...  

* Angela Fryer * Carter Smith (Accountants)
* Andrew Riddle for doing the heavy lifting
* Jane and Brian Grace
* Everybody who contributed to, or bought at our last Plant sale and coffee morning
* All our members who have worked so hard on Ladycroft, the Square, and other areas
* People living in the in-bloom area who have tidied their front gardens and put plants and posters in their windows

  13th November 2014 (Thursday): Work party  

We are working on the areas and planters which we look after, including Ladycroft and the Square/Stocks Hill. For more information just email us on

Enable pictures to see Ladycroft Meadow

  15th November 2014 (Tuesday) Christmas Fayre  

Christmas Fayre The "Ecclesfield in Bloom" Annual Christmas Fayre will be on 15th November 2014 in St. Mary's Church, from 10am until 12pm. Entrance is free, but there will be lots of things to buy, including Christmas cards, decorations, and cakes.

  Planters on Church Street  
Amey have told us that they are going to resurface the pavements along Church Street. We have therefore moved the planters opposite to the Black Bull. This is however only temporary and we look forward to restoring the planters to their former glory when Amey have finished.

We are also replanting other planters and taking the hanging baskets outside "Le Petit Cafe" and the "Nail Boutique" down and giving them a bit of attention.

31st August 2014 (Sunday) Ecclesfield Gala   

We would like to thank everyone who came on our stand at Ecclesfiedd Gala. We would also like to thank Burncross Nursaries who contributed many of the plants, and the many people who bought from us. They were all essential to make this year's Gala a success.

The sky was about the bluest I had seen it and the wind abated giving a warm glow to the late-summer day. As the photographs on this Facebook page shows, it would have been a pity to have been indoors on such a fine day.

Our Spring Newsletter is out  

Click here to see a copy of the Ecclesfield in Bloom Spring Newsletter.

2014 in Bloom Program   

We have a very full program of events in 2014, including our May Plant Sale and November Fayre, both in support of the planters we maintain, and the work we do in looking after Ladycroft Meadow.

In addition, we are pursuing our application for an Ecclesfield Village Green, while expecting to have to deal with the scheduled road works and street light replacement, including moving both some planters and the electricity supply for the Ecclesfield Christmas Tree.

We would also like to do something with a French theme when the Tour-de-France comes so close to the Village on Saturday 6th July, but so far have not found funding.

If any of this is of interest, please come along to a meeting or email us on

17th May 2014 (Saturday) Ecclesfield in Bloom Plant Sale   

Plant Everyone is welcome to come to our Spring plant sale in the grounds of St. Mary's Church from 9:30 am to 12 noon. Plants of all shapes, sizes, and colours will be on sale, and refreshments will be available. If anybody wants more information, to help, or donate plants just email us on .

Tulip planting  

We are preparing to plant a huge number of tulips around Ecclesfield this autumn. If anybody has any suggestions as to where they would like to see them growing, just email us on

13th - 15th December 2013 (Fri-Sun) Christmas Tree Festival  
Enable pictures to see this thubnail Christmas Tree
We are contributing to a joint Christmas tree in St. Mary's Church. Lots of voluntary groups in and around Ecclesfield will be there, together with stalls, and refreshments. See the Ecclesfield Village web site for a detailed listing.

16th November 2013 Christmas Fayre  

enable pictures to see a thumbnail of our poster A big thank you to all the many people who visited and helped at our Annual Christmas Fayre. The weather was kind to us, the turnout brilliant, and it was a very successful 2 hours of frenzied activity.

     Yorkshire in Bloom 2013 Results
Ecclesfield's Silver Gilt award in the 2013 Yorkshire in Bloom event is proof that last year's record-breaking award was not a fluke (as well as evidencing this year's hard work). Click the link to see the judges' very complementary comments(as well as some suggestions).

11th July (Thursday) Judgement Day  
The Yorkshire in Bloom judges are to tour Ecclesfield Village from 9:30 in the morning. We hope to put a newsletter and poster through everybody's door, but in any case, please do anything you can to make the Village look at its best on that day.

The Judges will use the Lych Gate on Priory Road to go into St Mary’s Churchyard, before viewing The Priory gardens. They will walk up Priory Close and back into Priory Road turning onto the lower path alongside the Trough to the Cenotaph. They will then walk down Church Street to the park entrance, through into park and up past the Community Gardens (assessed in afternoon). Exiting the park across the stream and up through Ladycroft to the Meadow, they will then go along St. Mary’s Lane and the High Street to Greaves Road, before retracing their steps and viewing "The Square". From The Square, they will go past Le Petite Cafe and back into St. Mary's Church Grounds to see the Brownie's Garden. Finally, they will see some interesting features at the rear of the Church, before finishing back at the Lych Gate.

1st September 2013(Saturday) Ecclesfield Gala  

Thanks to Val and Gerald for growing the parrot and other plants, which sold and raised £125-00 for Ecclesfield in Bloom. We also thank all our purchasers, and hope their plants grow well.

14th July (Saturday) Community Garden  

We are looking forward to the Community Garden Open day, and hope to be at the Bowling Green end of Ecclesfield Park from 1 O'Clock in the afternoon.

We thank the following 2013 contributors ...  
* Miss Baynes * Carter Smith (Accountants)
* Margaret & Arthur Roberts for their donation of £20
* Everybody who contributed to, or bought at our last Plant sale and coffee morning
* All our members who have worked so hard on Ladycroft, the Square, and other areas
* People living in the in-bloom area who have tidied their front gardens and put plants and posters in their windows

Ladycroft Meadow  

We are pleased to announce that our lease for Ladycroft Meadow on St. Mary's Lane in the centre of the village has been renewed for another three years. We are therefore looking at ways of maintaining and improving the site.

20th April (Saturday): Working Party   

A working Party has been arranged for 20th April at 10am to weed and prune the shrub beds at the junction of Yew Lane and High Street. Could everyone please bring gloves, tools and rubbish bags. After we have finished there we will move into the Square.

18th May (Saturday): Plant Sale  

Everyone is welcome to come to our Spring plant sale in the grounds of St. Mary's Church from 9:30 am to 12 noon. Plants of all shapes, sizes, and colours will be on sale, and refreshments will be available.

Spring Inspection  
Yorkshire in Bloom have announced that the Spring Inspection has been cancelled due to the cold weather. They will still accept and judge a spring portfolio, so if anybody on the normal judges route has managed to grow some flowers, they are welcome to photograph them and email the result to

Players Lounge on Yew Lane

Problems which caused the police to attend the Players Lounge on Yew Lane at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning were mentioned at the last meeting by several members. Since the club has made a planning application for a change the use from D2 (club) to A4 (drinking establishment), and also made a licensing application to increase its hours, the links to enable people to comment were requested.

Comments to the licensing sub-committee are now closed. However, members of the public can attend the Town Hall, Pinstone Street at 10.00am on 9th April (Tuesday). If you need more information ring 0114 273 4264 or 0114 273 4880.

In addition, people can still see, and either object to or support, the planning application (13/00533/CHU) by clicking on the link Players Lounge planning application. If you have not already registered, then click the "Register" tab and enter your details, including a suitable password; reply to the automatic registration email; and click the link above again, but this time click the "Login" tab. Logging in with your password, will show the [Make a Public Comment] button which needs to be clicked. Scroll down to "Commenter type:" and select "Neighbour". Decide whether to "Object", "Support" or Neutral/Other. You can also describe any special reasons for your comment in the text box. Clicking the [submit] button sends the comment off.

Note that Ecclesfield in bloom has not fully debated or voted on the merits of these applications, and therefore any comments members might make are their own.

LookLocal to feature "Villages in Bloom"

Sheffield City Council in-Bloom Logo
The Northern Assembly have very kindly arranged for us and some of the other in-Bloom groups to have space in the Feb 28 and March 28 2013 editions of LookLocal. Copies should be freely available from the Le Petit Cafe, Leverton's Bakery, Library, or Mill Road Doctors.

We thank the following 2012/13 contributors ...  
* *
* Sheffield City Council, Northern Assembly * A.I.S. Assured Insurance Solutions Ltd
* *
* Sheffield Tree Care * Jane and Brian Grace of Breaston
* Pete & Stella Fish
* Everybody who bought our raffle tickets or Special Ecclesfield Christmas cards
* Everybody who contributed to, or bought at our last Plant sale and coffee morning
* All our members who have worked so hard on Ladycroft, the Square, and other areas
* People living in the in-bloom area who have tidied their front gardens and put plants and posters in their windows

      Ecclesfield Christmas Tree
We have asked Ecclesfield Parish Council whether they are going to fund a Christmas tree for Ecclesfield this year. We, the Conservation, and the Parks Group, hope to get something erected ready for the Carol singing in the Grounds of St. Mary's on Sunday 9th December.

      "Welcome to Ecclesfield" Sign/Planters
We are looking for funding to buy two sign/planters, and possibly a three tier planter to welcome people entering Ecclesfield. If anybody wants to sponsor these, please let us know.

     Summer, 2012  - Yorkshire in Bloom Results
This Summer's Yorkshire in Bloom judges awarded Ecclesfield a Silver Gilt. This was one up on previous results, and a record for the Village. Click here for the judges comments.

       Stop Thief

Stop thief
If anybody spots three planters looking like the ones on the left, then please email , ring 07980 367 429, or report what you have seen to the police. (Otherwise, just click on the picture and give as much publicity as possible to our "Wanted Poster")

      13th July, 2012  - Summer Judging
The Yorkshire in Bloom judges will be back in the Village on Friday 13th July. They will start at 10:30 at Priory Road, then go down Church Street, up St Mary’s Lane - High Street as far as Greaves Road, and back via Yew Lane to Stocks Hill, The Square, Townend Road, and Priory Close. The judges may also meander off to look at various gardens and sites.

We hope everybody living in the Village does something, however small, to make place look better for that day

      Renovation of Ecclesfield Stocks
Wortley Rotary Club's Twitter page opens in a new window
We thank the Rotary Club of Wortley for renovating the Stocks in the grounds of St. Mary's Church Ecclesfield. Click on the thumbnail picture opposite to go to their website (You can click on "Renovation of Ecclesfield Stocks" to see the extremely good video they took of the event, or find pictures by following @WortleyRotary on Twitter¬).

     5 May 2012 - Plant sale and Coffee Morning
(Saturday) 10:00 Our plant sale outside St. Mary's Church, raised a fantastic amount for Ecclesfield-in-bloom and the Church gardening group. We thank everybody who took part, as well as our anonymous donor.

      28th April, 2012  - Wild Flowers in The Square  
LadyCroft Meadow in Spring 2011
We wish to thank our local co-op on the High Street for providing us with packets of "Bee Friendly" wild flower seeds after last week's promotion¬. These have now been sown in the border in front of the wall opposite to the Ecclesfield Business Centre on The Square. We are hoping that in spite of the cold weather, the seeds realise that it is spring, and we will see the Mayweed, Poppy, Daisy, Campion, Selfheal, Corrot, Birdsfoot, Trefoil, Cornflower, and Clover start to grow, ready for flowering in July/Aug/Sept. (PS: The promotion seems to have been UK wide, so other in-bloom groups may want to enquire at their co-ops to see if they have any packets left).

      28th April, 2012  - Wild Flowers in The Square  
LadyCroft Meadow in Spring 2011
We managed to deliver quite a few copies of our Newsletter following the spring judging. If however, you did not get one, then you can view the newsletter by clicking on the thumbnail opposite.

    2011/12 We thank the following contributors ...  

* Sheffield City Council, Northern Assembly  * Ecclesfield Welfare Charities
* St. Mary's Lane Trust  * Anonymous Donation
* M & D Walton  * A.I.S. Assured Insurance Solutions Ltd
* Midhope tree services  * Our local co-op on Ecclesfield High Street¬
* Carter Smith (Accountants)
 * Jane and Brian Grace of Breaston
* Everybody who bought our raffle tickets or Special Ecclesfield Christmas cards
* Everybody who contributed to, or bought at our last Plant sale and coffee morning
* All our members who have worked so hard on Ladycroft, the Square, and other areas
* People living in the in-bloom area who have tidied their front gardens and put plants and posters in their windows

      13th April, 2012  - Spring judging
LadyCroft Meadow in Spring 2011
All appeared to go well when in-bloom members showed the Yorkshire in Bloom Judges around the village. We look forward to seeing what the judges say and recommend in their report. Click here for our Spring 2012 Newsletter

      10th March, 2012 - Work party

We had great fun this Saturday, removing trees that had started to grow in the border opposite to the Ecclesfield Business Centre, together with a large number of bottles and other rubbish.
We also pruned the shrubs and expect these to grow rapidly back so that they cover the area in a tidier and less overgrown manner.
LadyCroft Meadow in Spring 2011

The car park opposite to The Ecclesfield Business Centre
We are hoping to tackle the shrubs opposite to The Ecclesfield Business Centre¬, this Saturday. Please do not park in the bays adjacent to the borders, so that we can get our plant in to do the pruning without damaging any motor vehicles.

    22 February 2012  - Tree felling

We thank Sheffield Homes for putting up signs, and providing information about the tree removal work completed on 1st March 2012 at Lady Croft. They said that the work was needed because the beech tree by the side of the path down to Ecclesfield Park had Meripilus Gigantea¬ which is a serious decay fungus that affects Beech in particular. It attacks the root system and could have caused a catastrophic failure where the tree failed at its base.
LadyCroft Meadow in Spring 2011

      Autumn 2011  - Newsletter
Ecclesfield in Bloom Newsletter
If you live near the centre of Ecclesfield, then you may have received a copy of autumn newsletter. If not, you can always download and see or print a copy by clicking on the picture on the left.
 - We have helped with the Christmas tree in St. Mary's Church yard, and it is now up and lit.
 - our Christmas fair on 26th was a huge success raising a fantastic £662.66. Everyone had a great time, so we are going to looking for next year's unwanted Christmas decorations, starting in January 2012.
 - We have put in a bid for funding to re-do "The Square".

    Survey results, 2011  

The citizenship survey¬ says that 25% of people in England volunteer at least once a month.
Click for competition details

    20 Sept 2011  - Results
The Stocks
Yorkshire in Bloom gave a "Silver Rose" award for Ecclesfield Village in the Spring and a further "Silver Rose" in the  Summer. The Stocks also entered in its own right, and was also awarded a "Silver Rose". Click here for Village Results¬, Stocks¬, or Commentary¬

    26 November 2011  Christmas fair

(Saturday) 10:00 Last year's "Coffee and Mince Pie Morning" or "Christmas Fair" was enjoyed so much by both helpers and visitors that we are in process of organising another one. It will be held on Saturday 26th of November, between 10am and 12:30, inside St. Mary's Church. We are having stalls for Cards, Christmas Decorations, Handbags/Jewelery and Bric-a Brac, there will also be a raffle and we will be selling tea/coffee and cakes. We still need more offers of Christmas decorations and bric-a-brac to sell. We have also decided to try a 'Handbag/Christmas Gift Stall' this year so if anyone would like to donate any handbags that they no longer use or any unused/unwanted gifts, that would be great. All proceeds will go to next year's Ecclesfield-in-bloom.

    We are pleased to list our 2011 sponsors as follows...  
Jane and Brian Grace of Breaston (who have contributed over many years and to whom we apologise for missing them out of the previous list)
St. Mary's Lane Trust
M.E.P.S. (Europe) Ltd.,
A.I.S. Assured Insurance Solutions Ltd.,
Dave Radford – Traditional Butcher,
Tracy’s – Dressmaking Alterations,
Carter Smith – Accountants.
We also thank JB and AF for their support including baking cakes for our Coffee Morning; and the Rhinegold Garden Centre for the plants and planters they supplied.

Yorkshire in Bloom have emailed to say that they are holding an amateur photography competition. Click on the camera opposite for details,
Click for competition details

Members and others may want to visit, or perhaps contribute to, the Open Gardens Movement¬


     News release 19 July 2011   

                       “Blooming Lovely”

July is a time of year when floral displays tend to look their best and this year was no exception. No-one walking through Ecclesfield to St. Mary’s Church could fail to notice a feast of colour, whether it was Ladycroft Meadow with its wild flowers or the planters up and down Church Street, the tendered gardens of St. Mary’s Church or the many displays of potted plants outside Villagers homes all adding to a supreme effort. This was good because on the 15th. July,  Ecclesfield was judged by the Royal Horticultural Society judges of Yorkshire in Bloom along a prescribed route. The judges expressed their delight in seeing the floral results in their many forms and the way the village had been tidied up and was virtually litter less.

The tireless amateur gardeners of St. Mary’s Church and Ecclesfield in Bloom seem to combine naturally each year to produce neat, tidy and colourful displays along with constant grass-cutting and plant tendering.

There are no winners or losers from the judging only awards for efforts made and from our point of view nearly every home made a real effort to help. Help comes in many forms from all age groups and is appreciated very much.

There are too many people involved to name individuals within Ecclesfield in Bloom or the Church gardeners and the same must be said of our sponsors, who are mainly local businesses and of course a few private individuals.

Many thanks to everyone, without you and your efforts Ecclesfield would not be as blooming lovely as it now is.

Judging awards will be published on 20th. September 2011

Keith Fish

Ecclesfield in Bloom

     4 Sept 2011  Flower competition 

We have just delivered all the prizes to the winners of our flower competition at our joint stand at the Ecclesfield Gala. Click on the picture to see the results.

     15 July 2011  Summer judging 

(Friday) 9:00 Summer Judging. Thanks to everybody's efforts, the village made a very favorable impression on the two judges.

    9 July 2011  Work party 
The Stocks
(Saturday) 10:00 There was a good turnout of people for our litter-picking, brushing, and weeding session. This was a major clean-up concentrating on the judging route from the middle of the High Street to St. Mary's Church but we are hoping to keep the village looking good right up to the Summer judging and beyond.

     6 July 2011  You choose 

(Wednesday) 18:15 We thank everybody who attended the "You Choose" event at Newton Memorial Hall in Chapeltown, and voted for us. The wildflower area at Ladycroft is already look better, and we have paid for the wood needed to make the special planters. We are also hoping to buy a blower, strimmer and other garden tools needed to look after the land.

      23 June 2011  Newsletter 
Ecclesfield in Bloom Newsletter
If you live near the centre of Ecclesfield, then you may have received a copy of the "Ecclesfield in Bloom" newsletter, with details of the "You Choose" event on the back. If not, you can download and print a copy by clicking on the picture on the left.

     18 June 2011  Work party 

(Saturday) 10:00 Our working party has removed the cleavers which were strangling the wild flowers on Ladycroft Meadow.

      10 June 2011  Bench seats 
Seat for Ladycroft
We have purchased two bench seats, and put them in position in front of the wild-flower area of Ladycroft Meadow (between St. Mary's lane and the Park) We hope people enjoy using them .

     7 May 2011  Plant sale 

(Saturday) 10:00 Thank you to everyone who turned up at St. Mary's Church bearing cakes, plants, bric-a-brac and cards, and to everyone who attended and bought something. What a fantastic mornings work!!. The proceeds will go to help us keep Ecclesfield-in-bloom.

     15 April 2011  Thank you 
Road sweeper
Ecclesfield in Bloom wishes to thank Raheel Baig, Sheffield City Council Streetforce, their road sweeper, and everybody who did such a first class job in grass cutting, and road/pathway clearing in our Village prior to the Spring inspection of the Village by "Yorkshire in Bloom".

    15 April 2011   Judges comments 

(Friday) 11:00 The Yorkshire-in-bloom judges walked through the Conservation area and gave a good spring report (See page 9) including the hard earned plaudit "clean and tidy with little evidence of litter". The report also suggested...
  • Thinking about the design of the whole of the Church Street area, not just the planters
  • Re-planting  the beds in front of the flats on The High Street [done]
  • Improving the square [Stocks Hill I think]
  • More floral displays adjacent  to premises such as the Black Bull.
  • Maximising the potential of the woodland between the Park and Ladycroft Meadow.
  • Expanding the wildlife area in the Churchyard, and considering something like this for the bank on Town End Road
  • Recycling [Compost bins, mulching, litter recycling, water butts, or signage perhaps]
  • Enhance the gravestone of Alexander John Scott, Chaplain to Lord Nelson.
  • An "Interpretation board".
 Summer judging will be between 4th and 22nd July 2011.
Map of in-blooom area

    14 April 2011  Litter pick 
Picture of a broom
We have arranged to clear up and do a litter pick of the Ecclesfield in Bloom area on the Thursday afternoon.

     9April 2011   Weeding 
Rubbish in Bags
 We weeded the area around Stocks Hill this Saturday. It looks much better.
Picture of Stocks Hill

    19 March 2011  Ladycroft Meadow

19 (Saturday) 10:00 The large turnout of people meant that all the soil we had bought for Ladycroft Meadow finally got distributed today. 105 saplings supplied by the "Woodland Trust" were also planted. The land is therefore ready for the placement of the two benches that we have ordered and seeding with some 3kgs of mixed grass, wild cornflower, and perhaps other seeds. Click on the picture opposite to see a some of the people that helped.
Work party

    12 March 2011  - Weeding
Work party
12 (Saturday) 10:00 We had a great time weeding the flower beds at the Junction of St. Mary's Lane and Yew Lane on Saturday 12th March. We were especially grateful to the lady who as you can see here, brought us out copious cups of tea and coffee.

2015 Meeting Dates   

    26 January 2011   - Meeting

Notes from our attendance at the Voluntary, Community, and Faith Groups meeting at The Venue, Stocksbridge on 26th January.
Click to read the document

Flower We would like to thank the gentleman that handed one of our members a donation at the end of 2010. We will use it to buy some plants for the village.

A great thank you to all who attended the "YOU CHOOSE" event on Tuesday 16th of November 2010 at Newton Hall, Chapeltown, and especially everybody who voted for our successful application for a grant to put a bench seat on Ladycroft Meadow (between St. Mary's lane and the Park).

The picture on the right shows the sort of thing that we are hoping to purchase....

Seat for Ladycroft

Click for a larger picture of the flowers near St. Mary's Church 
We thank the 16 organisations who have given us financial or other support for Yorkshire in Bloom 2009...
Ecclesfield in Bloom is insured by Assured Insurance Solutions Ltd of Town End Road (to September 2010)

Click here to see other Ecclesfield Groups...
  1. LadyCroft Meadow contains daffodils which are poisonous, as well as wild flowers and native trees, many of which protect themselves by being poisonous to humans and animals. Cuttings or debris may be especially dangerous, since animals may not be put off from eating them, while some of their poisons last 6 months. Nothing on the area should therefore be eaten or grazed.